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This class is currently held weekly at Body & Pole in NYC, and London Pole Dance Academy in London.
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For those of you in any state of injury.... 1. Be patient, with yourself, with your situation, understand it's impermanence. Embrace the fear that goes with it, yes you may be moving in new directions you didn't expect, but that is a guarantee of life. Everything works in the time it is meant to, this is the time for openness and trust when you are ready. 2. Listen and reflect, ask the bigger questions about your life's patterns and physical demands, what was there that may have led you here? 3. Study and integrate/re-integrate self-care practices that feel right for you. They are vital. It may be time to constrict your energy to keep more of it for your own resources. You deserve this, and should not deny yourself this. You cannot give what you do not have already within. 4. Realize and explore your self-worth beyond the modality that may currently form much of your identity. This time may trigger insecurity, core beliefs that focus on your lack, it may make you just feel weak and vulnerable. This is a great time to explore and be curious about the other aspects and possibilities within you and your life, to understand your value and inherent belonging in this world because you are here! To feel and embrace your gratitude for life, that it need not be defined by one thing, and that by defining yourself in that one dimension, you limit the self. Many of these things are easier to explore in such a passive and introspective time such as this, versus when we are out and active, when we may be more focused externally. 5. When it's time to move, MOVE! But re-integrate the stronger sensitivities in listening and self-compassion that you've cultivated (if you didn't just check-out and Netflix... although that phase may be necessary sometimes!). Let your injury help you find more empathy, emotional intelligence, adaptability, and authenticity. Your life will thank you. 6. Be grateful for what IS working (that list is endless if you sincerely look), and bring gratitude into your active practice. Sending you love! - @traceekafer #freestyledtips #findingyourfreestyle
6 months ago