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Dear Sisters And Brothers Assalamualaikum Wt Wb.
Thanks for liking our page. Alakan vs Jinakay page is one the fast growing, and the best Pukhtoon Page on Facebook.

Before I explain the rules and regulations of our page. I must share the purpose of the page and why it was made.
The Main aim of the page is to be provided the best info-entertainment, Culture And Tradition of Pukhtoons(Pashtoons), Latest News, Sports, Poetry and much more.

The Page name has been selected to encourage the argumentative, contentious environment amongst. However, the page is being considered as an anticompetitive page now on.

Furthermore, page admins have been chosen, kept in mind, after some search, an Admin has to be lenient, honest and sincere and personal matters should not be contemplated.

Here's, users and admins are not to be considered rather than a family. So don't need to be worried about. Share your jokes, pics, poetry and opinions and suggestion can be offered.


Before You're Going To Join Our Page These Rules And Regulations Must Be Read:

1) It Wont Be Tolerated, Any Abusive Language & Rude Behaviour. Many Users Already Have Been Banned.

2) No Page Or Group Promotion Are Allowed.

3) Never Try To Mislead Any, Because Every Girl In This Page Is To Be Treated And Considered As Our Sister.

4) You Must Be Banned If You Upload Any Vulgar Post.

5) You Might Be Pardoned If You Do Apologise And To Be Guaranteed In Future.

6) Moreover, If Are Found To Be Contempt Of Page. You Will Be Escorted From Page.


This Is Ur Page, Be Here As Family. Any Problem You Have Just Inform The Admin.

We Love Our Users <3 <3 <3.

Don't Hesitate To Contact Us. We Are Really Appreciate Your Each Suggestion.




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