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This video will make you visit JAPAN. This is a compilation of the best 9 days I had in Japan in 9 minutes. It's funny, sad, beautiful, and hopeful. Don't share if you don't like! :) LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook! @NasDaily on Snap / Insta too. Nas Daily 21 Dec 2016 · 12M views
Dating A Love Doll In Japan | NBC Left Field
WATCH: Some Japanese men are finding "love" with humanistic dolls that were originally made for pleasure. But it's not just about physical satisfaction, they say - via NBC Left Field NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt 18 Nov 2017 · 6.4M views
Japan's Princess Mako marries boyfriend
Princess Mako, the eldest daughter of Japanese Crown Prince and Princess Akishino, has married her commoner boyfriend and formally left the Imperial Family. She and her husband Komuro Kei spoke to reporters at a hotel in Tokyo on Tuesday. NHK WORLD-JAPAN 25 Oct · 491K views
Japan's Professional Boyfriends
Meet the Aussie trying to make it as a professional boyfriend for hire in Japan. VICE Australia 6 Mar 2018 · 1.9M views
Was it Wrong to Drop the Atom Bomb on Japan?
Was it Wrong to Drop the Atom Bomb on Japan? In recent years, President Truman's decision to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end WWII has been condemned as immoral. Yet this interpretation relies on a poor understanding of history that both lacks perspective and ignores context. In five minutes, Notre Dame history professor Father William Miscamble explains. PragerU 5 Aug 2015 · 3.4M views