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Juan Miguel Severo's "Naniniwala Ako"
Naniniwala Ako is a spoken word poetry written by Juan Miguel Severo on June 05, 2017. Naniniwala Ako is all about believing in the one you love, and that he or she will bring back all the love you give. Video from Raymond Pangan on YouTube ( Juan Miguel Severo 3 Aug 2018 · 17K views
Juan Miguel Severo "Ang Nag-iisa"
"Ang Nag-iisa" Spoken Words Poetry by: Juan Miguel Severo CTTO Send your Own Poems here: #PoemNation Poem Nation 23 Jan 2017 · 380K views
Imagine Your Audience Naked | Juan Miguel Severo | TEDxDiliman
All of us, at one point in our lives, probably had stage fright. From the first time we stood in front of class, or delivered our first talks, or the first time we sang or acted in public... Juan Miguel Severo is no stranger of stage fright. In this talk, he gives an advice to overcome stage fright. It is one most of us have heard before - Imagine your audience naked. Except that it's not for the reason you probably think. As spoken word artists go, Juan Miguel Severo is in a league of his own. His performances on YouTube have gone viral, collectively amassing more than a million hits. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Video from TEDx Talks on YouTube ( Juan Miguel Severo 3 Aug 2018 · 3.1K views