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We talk sexual and reproductive health 24/7, embracing body positivity; relationship, wellbeing and mental health; all genders and sexualities. We offer free STI testing, advice & support in partnership with the NHS: discreet, quick & confidential.

Sexual Health Clinic - SNHD

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Protecting and promoting the sexual health and well-being of Southern Nevada since 1985. FREE TESTING INFO

Sexual Health & Medicine

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Sexual health, hygiene, proper sexual life & sexual education is lacking in the community. Sexual dysfunctions is rising due to several factors

Stand Up Against Sexual Harassment

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Sexual harassment in India is termed "Eve teasing" and is described as: unwelcome sexual gesture or behavior whether directly or indirectly as sexually colored remarks; physical contact and advances; showing pornography; a demand or request for sexual fav

Cervical Cancer Awareness

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Women, 30+ years of age, please ask your Doctor about the Cervical Cancer Test today. CaCx can be detected only by available tests for timely prevention.

Certified TOEFL iBT Test Administration Site Nairobi Kenya - Testing Center

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We are a centre for IT certification & other proficiency tests e.g Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Internet Based Test (iBT) in Nairobi Kenya

UBC Sexual Health Laboratory

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The UBC Sexual Health Lab focuses on clinical and behavioural research in women's sexual health, issues in sexuality, and psychosocial oncology issues.

Affordable Testing

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Home of Affordable Allergy Testing and Affordable Pet Test A Simple HAIR analysis for those who suspect a Food Intolerances or Environmental Allergen.

Health-Link: DNA, Drug and Lab Testing

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All types of DNA Testing, Drug Testing and Self-Pay Lab Services. World-wide DNA testing and discounts for mentioning Facebook

Hair Drug Testing Granite City IL/Dr Robin Ellsworth D.C.

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Hair drug tests completed by a certified lab technician. Hair drug tests can test for drug use for past 90 days. Dr. Robin Ellsworth D.C. of Granite City IL. is certified collection site representative for Lab based hair drug tests.