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World Speech Day South Africa

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World Speech Day is a day dedicated to celebrating speeches and speech making through live events across the globe - For A Better World #unexpectedvoices

BYU Speeches

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Welcome to the BYU Speeches Facebook fan page, where you can keep up on the latest news and offerings from BYU Speeches, discover new and classic talks, and discuss your favorites with other BYU Speeches fans.

Sanjay Speech Hearing and Rehabilitation Center

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Speech Correction, Invisible Hearing Aid Selection Is Easy. Get Speech and Hearing Services By Certified Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist.

Speech & Language Center at Stone Oak

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The Speech Chix™ of "Stone Oak Speech" operate a pediatric speech therapy clinic located in north San Antonio, TX. Communication is for life.™

JibberJabber Speech & Language Therapy

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Child-centred independent Speech & Language Therapy service, working to move every child toward their best speech, language and communication. Therapy, training & classes. Specialist Speech & Language Therapist & Mummy.

Let's Talk Speech and Language Services

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Let's Talk! Speech and Language Services is a private practice that provides speech-language pathology services to children and adults in Southern Sask.

Speech Language Pathology in Motion

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We are Long Island's only speech therapy private practice offering hippotherapy and animal assisted speech therapy. We change the lives of children with communication and feeding difficulties through therapy that is effective, motivating and fun!

Communicare Speech Therapy

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"Ta" or car? Shy or late talker? Find your answers at Communicare Speech Therapy. We assist children aged 0-18 to overcome difficulties in speech/language.

Outloud Apps for Speech Therapy

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We develop games for speech and language rehabilitation. Founded by a passionate speech therapist, we help kids speak Outloud!


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speech: профессиональный журнал об архитектуре. Интернет-издание - все лучшее, что есть в российской и зарубежной практике.