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[SECHSKIES​ - '2016 Re-Album']

SECHSKIES debuted in 1997, and since then, it has produced many hit songs such as “SCHOOL BYEOLGOK”, “THE WAY THIS GUY LIVES (POMSAENGPOMSA)”, “CHIVALRY”, “ROAD FIGHTER”, “COUPLE”, and “COM’ BACK”.

The group reunited after a 16-year break, and after joining YG, it successfully held its first solo concert under the title of “YELLOW NOTE” and released a new single titled “THREE WORDS”. By doing so, SECHSKIES members proved to their fans that they still have what it takes.

SECHSKIES is now ready to take the next step by releasing a new album titled “2016 Re-ALBUM” in December 2016.

The album consists of ten songs that have been chosen among SECHSKIES’s past hit songs and re-recorded, rearranged, and remastered. YG’s producer team participated in the album to add a fresh new appeal to the album.

SECHSKIES will launch a promotion campaign for its new album and interact with all those who love its songs.