2-1-1 Orange County

Nonprofit Organization

Note: page not monitored by Helpline Specialists, please dial 2-1-1 or search our database http://www.211oc.org/get-help/search-database.html


2-1-1 Orange County (211OC) welcomes contributions to this Facebook Page in the spirit of sharing information, bringing attention to resources, and asking questions, among other things, in order to better support and contribute to our community.

Our Facebook Page is not a public forum. We reserve the right to delete postings that are inconsistent with our purpose, including, but not limited to:

* Illegal or fraudulent activities;
* Posts that inaccurately indicate or suggest endorsement, approval, or sponsorship by 2-1-1 Orange County or its employees;
* Posts that are intentionally inaccurate and malicious;
*Posts that can be confused with official communications of 2-1-1 Orange County or its employees;
* Obscene or graphic postings; or
* Postings that are not related to 2-1-1 Orange County or valuable to the Orange County community.

To provide us with constructive feedback about our agency role and services we provide. Please email us at [email protected] We encourage you to share you thoughts with us.

PLEASE NOTE: 211OC provides support to people in need by providing targeted referrals to agencies throughout Orange County that can best help. We are NOT, in the traditional sense, a direct service provider. We are NOT a food pantry, home-builder, legal firm. We increase access to connections in the community.