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【 拥有靓丽瞳孔不是梦,时下最潮爆の Lens 尽在 MiyoKI BaRbIe LeNS BOutiQue】

Welcome to MiyoKI BaRbIe LeNS BOutiQue !!!

ALL Stocks 100% Original Import From Korea!!!

�Barbie Dolls Series
�Hydro/Disney Series
�Super Barbie Series
�Hydrocor Series

• Contact Lens Usage : 1-3 months based on personal hygiene
• Power Range : 0~800 Degree
0, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250, 275, 300, 325, 350, 375, 400, 425, 450, 475, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 750,800

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• Address:
• HP Number:
• Quantity, Model & Power Of Lens:
• Type Of Remittances:
• Total amount of Remittances:
• Receipt of Remittances:


Account Number: 557090052200
Account Holder: Chia Ze Keng

CIMB Bank:
Account Number: 7060511961
Account Holder: Raynee Goh Su Yin
Pos laju
Postage Fee (depend on weight):
1-10pairs,WM RM8,EM RM11
11-15pairs,WM RM9,EM RM12 SB RM14
16-20pairs,WM RM10,EM RM14 SB RM16
21-25pairs,WM RM12,EM RM16 SB RM18
26-30pairs, WM RM13,EM RM17 SB RM19
31-40pairs, WM RM15,EM RM21 SB RM24
41-45pairs, WM RM17,EM RM24 SB RM27
46-50pairs, WM RM22,EM RM26 SB RM29
51-55pairs, WM RM26,EM RM28 SB RM30
56-60pairs, WM RM27,EM RM35 SB RM39
61-65pairs, WM RM28,EM RM37 SB RM42
66-70pairs, WM RM30,EM RM39 SB RM45
71-75pairs, WM RM32,EM RM41 SB RM48
76-80pairs, WM RM34,EM RM43 SB RM50
81-90pairs, WM RM36,EM RM45 SB RM52
91-100pairs, WM RM38,EM RM52 SB RM60

**Effective from 15th october 2016 Pos Laju Postage fee introducing new rates

*Please email together with your personal and order details *

Stocklist 现货表


1, 不接受議價
2, 待客戶付清所有付款才會把貨品寄出
3, 下單匯款后一律不接受退款/退貨的要求
4, ATM機進錢,機器不接受RM1 & RM5 的紙幣,多進的錢將會與貨品一起寄回給客戶,不過記得remark給我知道
5, 請客戶們匯款后保留收據
6, 貨品都會在出貨前先檢查,如果貨品在郵寄途中損壞/遺失,一概不负责
7, 客戶們確認訂單后,付清所有款项,訂單才開始收拾貨品, 如果缺貨的話會再通知
8, 用online transfer的mm,在確定收到付款以后才會安排把貨品寄出
9, 瓶子一旦打開都不接受退回, 如果發現貨品出錯或有問題, 郵費都是自付
10, 貨品送出后,客戶可向我們索取traking number
11, 客戶們收到貨品后記得回來报平安喔
12, 有什么不清楚的請留言,我上線后會第一時間回復哦
13, 本店不接受急单
14, 全部有度数的lens是跳50度,不能参度数

❤ Kindly take notes for purchase info :

1. items will be posting out in the next my working weekdays (Monday-Friday) after I get ur order comfirm with payments with all stocks ready to post
2. items only will be reserve after your payments done
3. items after bank in will not returnable
4. items all serve by term first come payments first serve
5. tracking no will be update on page after posting
6. no replacement and refunds after the lens bottles been open 🙂
7.kindly double check the lenses conditions when receive before use and open
8.we do not bear responsibility in case of lost, damaged, stolen, unsuccessful delivery by pos laju
9.for customers return items posting fee, we do not bear
10.the speed of posting is depend on pos laju services

Please inbox to http://goo.gl/60IOoT
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� 郵寄地址:
� 匯款日期:
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� 匯款數額:
� 訂購的貨品:lens的名稱/度數/數量
� 如有備注:RM2要退回



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