The Babes


We make rock n roll music for the underdogs.

Imagine being in an American dive bar in '78, Harley parked up front, hustlin' someone at pool in your Wrangler jeans,... we like to think our songs are blasting out the jukebox..

The Babes are a Rock 'n' Roll Gang, who are breaking the chains and revolutionizing rock, making it sexy and gutsy. The Babes invented "UNDERDOG ROCK".

They are rock'n'rollers with the tuffness of a biker gang, from Adelaide, Australia. Their gritty, loud, ragin' music and intense stage show, forces crowds to pay attention.

The Babes were proudly selected as main support band for the Australian Tours of Ace Frehley (KISS), Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) twice, Cherie Currie (The Runaways), and Yngwie Malmsteem, making a name for themselves with successful sold out shows on these tours.

Moni Lashes (drummer of The Babes), set a new Official World Record in 2015, becoming the first human being to drum NON STOP for 24 hours. It was a fundraiser for The Babes' manager (her dad) for his medical treatment for his Multiple Sclerosis. THAT'S TUFF AS!

Their "Rock N Roll Gang" is the exclusive club for their followers, and an avenue for their fans to join in the rock n roll camaraderie found nowhere elsewhere in the world today! It has bred some of the most die hard supporters you'll find.

Whether it's on stage with Moni Lashes' drum kit which is partially a Harley Davidson, or off stage where the band cruises in American muscle cars, The Babes live and breathe the old school gutsy rock lifestyle.

If you've ever been talked down to, stepped on, walked all're an UNDERDOG.

The Babes have a patched-up vest waiting for you to join their Rock N Roll Gang to make sure it never happens again, so get to to it boppers!