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HOW CAN THE CHURCH BE SILENT OVER THESE........????? Last night somebody sent me a disturbing video in which Obinnim, the self acclaimed "angel" of "his father Jesus" actually was teaching and demonstrating a dance which can simply be described as profaned and sexual to his followers with all joy and excitement. Brethren,is it not sad that we are witnessing all these in our time? I couldn't sleep well last night as I contemplated on all these that charlatans are doing today in the name of christianity. Why must those of us who know the truth be silent in the midst of all these mess??? They prophesy falsely. They ignore the Bible and do their own thing. We have an "arch-bishop" in Ghana even though there is none in the Bible. False teachings and practices are all over the place and yet the true church is silent. Why are we so silent? Is it the case that, like Israel of old we have rather been attracted by these churches and some of us are busily emulating them??? To some extent I will answer, YES. How sad! Is it not the case that some of us are not using church funds in areas of Evangelism proper and benevolence? To some extent, I will answer YES. And, is it not the case that some of our Preachers, elders and church leaders have so negligently compromised the apostolic doctrine that was bequeathed to us with impunity? Some of our leaders have succeeded in plunging the churches into pentecostalism. Almost everything that makes us the "church of Christ" is being tampered with. And, when some of us speak, we are the trouble makers in the church. Oh, what indeed has happened to us? Gone were those days when we were telling the world that, ** we speak where the Bible speaks and silent where the Bible is silent. Typically, when you heard a church of Christ preaching the topics were: * The Plan of salvation * The one true church * The worship of the church * Beware of false prophets * Biblical miracles versus fake miracles * The three dispensations * Lessons from church history * Judgment, etc etc But today, we want to preach like the denominations. We want to build schools for money like them. We are resulting to the "Give us a king" syndrome by advocating for " church of Christ Ghana" and its associated "National Secretariat". If you draw attention to this danger you are hired by some Americans to do that. For those of you who have some contacts with our American and or European churches have you ever come across "Church of Christ USA" before? We are doing all this in order to eliminate congregational autonomy, branding this big doctrinal index and others "matters of opinion". Brethren, this is what the devil is doing to us. Most churches are almost crippled today. Attendance is low, Weekly giving is down, evangelistic fervor extinguished, and benevolence almost dead. We blame all of these on autonomy and the absence of a national secretariat. Sorry, but I beg to differ because the churches of Christ grew so rapidly and were adjuged the fastest growing church in the USA in the 1950's without a "national secretariat". They taught and believed in congregational autonomy at that time. Even back home in Ghana, with belief in autonomy and without a national secretariat we were also adjudged the fastest growing church in Ghana in the 1980's. So what are we talking about here? Is it not time to actually find out the real reasons for our silence these days? Can we think about the ff: people wanting to become preachers for wrong reasons, lack of love amongst us, gossiping, backbiting, intolerance, lack of dynamism and example, hypocrisy, lies, sheer strong dislike for others, arrogance, love of money??? Its time for us to be honest and find answers. Its time to preach, preach and preach. A real time to teach ourselves and the world well. Surprisingly, people are yearning for the truth in North America but some of us are at ease on Zion. You beat the gong-gong. You sound the warning. You admonish. You give them the examples in evangelism and benevolence that result in church growth and edification. And yet, Ahab thought Elijah was the troubler. Ahab was wrong...his diagnosis was incorrect. He mistook the helper for the troubler. Let the church of the Lord rise up and speak. This is the time. Before you become angry I call for a ceasefire. Glad to serve my generation with spiritual balanced diet. God bless Dan
9 months ago
MAMA AFRICA, WAKE UP FROM YOUR SLUMBER!!! I am proud to be an African. However, I can not pretend to be satisfied with the mentality of peoples of African descent. I am a Ghanaian and I really want to see my country succeed. However, the actions and inactions of our political, religious and traditional leaders are almost nothing to write home about. Its so pathetic! Last Thursday, China opened its largest and longest Ocean bridge in the World to traffic. It is 26 miles long. It took four years to complete and the project cost $1.5bn. It has a life expectancy of 100 years. This project is a delight to the eyes. Let an African politician get this same amount of money and your guess is as good as mine as to what the funds would be used for. Greediness and corruption has taken the better part of us. Dishonesty and sheer wickedness is all over the place and yet, probably Ghanaians are the number one religious people in the world. Why do we hate ourselves this way??? Let the church begin to show the way. Let us resolve to let our lights shine because lights shine the brightest in thick darkness. Our country is in darkness. Our continent is in darkness. Let us allow people to SEE a lot of the Gospel of Christ in us even just as we are eager to preach it. Traveling around the world and seeing the unprecedented developments in other countries truly put us to shame. Almost all our politicians, NPP and NDC alike had their education in one or more of these developed countries. How come they are unable to replcate what they saw and enjoyed?? Looks like our priorities are always misplaced. Mismanagement and misappropriation of public funds to the detriment of the poor and needy is the order of the day. Why are our politicians not legacy-minded?? What at all is wrong with us? Shortcuts in life and insatiable appetite for ill gotten money is all we think about. Oh, Ghana my motherland, I weep for you. You, who is endowed with all that it takes to be developed. For almost 70 years your children go about begging for money and so shamelessly jubilate over loans, counting them as success. A Country where so called Pastors and men of God meddle in politics for fame and money thereby forcing them to speak lies in hypocrisy and calling them prophesies. A Country where any motivational speaker who has education is considered the biggest man of God. Trusting such men and entrusting juicy key positions to only to find them contributing to the underdevelopment of U. Oh, Ghana when? A Country now full of occultism, vodoo, juju, as well as black and white magic. And the practitioners are the "powerful men of God". It is only in Ghana that a so called prophet would tell the whole world that he steals monies from various Banks in the country at night spiritually, change them physically and deposit same in over 7 different accounts in different people's names and yet the Government and the law enforcement agencies never utter a word. The biggest woe of the African is the lack of education. The Whites tease us by saying, "If you want to hide something from the African hide it in a book". In Africa and Ghana for that matter, higher education is only reserved and preserved for the rich. Thus fueling the idea of the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. This is unfair to say the least. And, yet a Government decides to roll out free education for all and people, Voices INCLUDING churches and their leaders would fight against it directly or indirectly for their selfish interest. Let God's Kingdom people rise up and build for Africa is in thick darkness. Let us do that through the preaching of the truth and demonstrate it through our actions. China has used $1.5bn to break a record. Let the current Government of Ghana get the same amount and see what it would be used for, how long that project would last and ultimately the percentage of that money that would end up in people's pockets. So sad. God bless our homeland Ghana. Lamenting from Trumpland. Dan
9 months ago
FREE SHS IN GHANA, HOW DO THE CHURCHES THAT OPERATE SCHOOLS FOR PROFIT FEEL??? In Luke 7: 35 the Lord Jesus said, " BUT WISDOM IS JUSTIFIED BY ALL HER CHILDREN". At long last, the Government of Ghana has started the free SHS and I praise the Lord for it. I will continue to pray hard for its success not for a partisan purpose but rather for the fact that the poor, the needy and the vulnerable in our society are now going to enjoy a sigh of respite when it comes to education and money. I have become an enemy to many church leaders because I counseled from the Word of God that churches should not operate schools for money but rather if they are interested in setting up schools then it should be free in the name of Christ. They have called me names. Others call it "Asiamah's formulated theology". They deliberately distort this clear scriptural conclusion( Matthew 10: 8, Acts 20: 35), and tell people that "Asiamah says we should not set up schools". How can I speak against the setting up schools when I have had one the last nine years?? They run away from the truth when we say, it should rather be free. The love of money which is the root of all kinds of evil has now permeated the hearts of God's people that the truth of God is grossly compromised, if not totally ignored. We have allowed worldly wisdom and reasoning to take a center stage in our churches today. Now here we are. Sadly, the story today is, when it comes to education the government's is FREE but the church's IS NOT!!! Nine years ago when I started my FREE Vocational School at Whindo near Takoradi a number of good brethren discouraged me. They asked the pessimists questions and did a lot of calculations to the effect that it is not possible. But lo and behold its been nine years now and I don't owe anybody. I have never been poorer because I decided to help needy young people with free Vocational education. Rather, it has been a matter of " NEW HEIGHTS AM GAINING EVERYDAY". Who told you with faith we can not accomplish great things for our God? But how can you pay the teachers and take care of the operational expenses? They asked. They forget that where there is a will there is a way. And that, with faith in the Lord " WE CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS" Philippians 4:13. So far, 778 have graduated from my humble Vocational School. Lord willing, we expect to graduate 200 more in 2018. It has been sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice on my part but above all the FAITHFULNESS of the Lord who said GIVE AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU is paramount. We have missed a great opportunity to glorify our God by taking monies from people before we educate them. Some of the times sacking the poor from school for non payment of school fees and still claim to be the church that Jesus built. The beauty of Jesus' ministry was that He never took monies from those He helped. Why should His church do so. Brethren, just give it a try and see what the Lord is capable of doing. Begin to do it for free in His Name and He would surely provide. At OAVI today, we are able to offer tuition free vocational education, free bus service and free "practicals". We are able to give the students start up tools to go home with and above all we can boast of hundreds of these young ones working at various places all over Ghana. A second story is being built and we will be able to help even more people in the near future. I know some are even going to lambast me for this post. They are going to continue with the name calling and level unsubstantiated allegations. They will even suggsst that I am boasting. But I also know that others will learn some lessons. Again, think about it. The Government's is FREE but the church's IS NOT!!! Does that make the church the salt and light of the World? Can we praise God and have FAVOR with the people around us for this??? Its time for some of us to repent from our love of money. With all the negative questions and comments and reasonings, I know the free SHS will survive and serve the very people who kick against it both in words and deeds. All because it is aimed at helping to alleviate at least, some of the burdens of the poor in our society.. Proverbs 19:17. Churches that operate schools for money how do you feel??? Ashamed?, Vindicated or Hardened? I hope you would not choose to perish in your arrogance. It looks like humiliation is staring at these so called "mission schools", if I may "prophesy". God bless. Dan
2 years ago
WRITING MY BOOK OF ACTS........ I arrived at New York's JFK Airport from Ghana on Friday, January 27. That was the day President Trump's executive travel ban on some seven countries issued. I took another flight that same evening to Los Angeles, California. That was a 6 hour flight having had a eleven hours from Accra to JFK already. I spent the night at the Metro Plaza close to the Union station in LA. The next morning I boarded the train from Union Station to Oxnard, California. An elder at the Ojai church of Christ picked me up and we drove about an hour to the small city of Ojai, California where I taught the class and preached the sermon that Sunday morning. They had a potluck ( party) for me. I preached again that night, took a rest Monday and departed for Bakersfield, California. Here, as usual a preacher/elder friend of mine picked me up from the Amtrak station. Having had good visit with a number of families Wednesday through Saturday I taught the class and preached the sermon at the Highland church of Christ Sunday morning. In the evening we had to drive up unto the mosaic type mountains in California called Mt Mesa. Driving to this place is like walking through the valley of death. The roads are crooked and you can have rock sliding any time. Its simply a dangerous route. However, I determined to go up there to see how the small congregation there is doing. Here is where they had a fire outbreak all over but the church building was miraculously spared. It was such a joy that I was able to preach to these brethren tonight to encourage them. Today, I left California for New York via Minneapolis where the weather was zero degrees. Like never before, the churches in the United States need a lot of encouragement and revival. We need more serious and faithful African preachers to get onboard. Still soldiering on here at a time of political uncertainty. I am determined to have a hand in the Lord's work here in America, not for ease or worldly pleasures. It is amazing how they invite me from all over. I am surprised at how the Lord would allow me, an African missionary to be received by so many of our churches here. I am yet to understand it all. Too many travelling in the cold, the change of diet, the dangers in Air, rail, and road travels etc. Nevertheless, that which makes the difference and keep igniting me is the results. The church of Christ on earth must thrive and triumph. The harvest truly is plentiful around the world but the laborers are few. This is not the time for Gospel preachers to stand at ease on Zion. The devil is looking for the silence of the church hence the lackadaisical attitudes and infiltration of false doctrine among preachers and into our churches . I need your continued prayer support for the rest of my work here. Long live the churches if Christ. Long live the Truth. God bless us all. Dan
2 years ago