Got Your Six Coffee Co.

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A coffee company with purpose! At GY6CC we strive to provide you the best customer service, a hand crafted cup of coffee and we are striving to be the most efficient and effective with respect to your drive thru experience. At GY6CC, we have got your 6.

We are a coffee company with purpose. Our purpose is to help those who serve. We at Got Your Six Coffee are dedicated to ending veteran homelessness, eliminating the veteran suicide rate, helping those who serve transition and deal with PTSD and by ensuring that those who watch over us have the tools they need. They have our six! Help us have theirs! Currently we are only selling coffee online, we will let everyone know as soon as we open our first location.

#Repost @team5foundation with @get_repost ・・・ “INTEGRITY”, Is it a dying value? I’ve noticed running a Non-Profit Organization that well intentions don’t always match up to what’s promised and expected, even though it may be a volunteer, sponsor or partner. For me, my word is my bond and I won’t promise if I can’t deliver, its better to say “Let me see what I can do”. What are your thoughts on todays values when it comes to integrity? Do you also see that times have changed and it’s harder to get the ones to commit to follow through? With @team5foundation were pretty fortunate to have a tight circle and put our lives in each others hands, so I rarely see a problem with the inner circles. When we volunteer we do it from the heart and soul to become a part of something bigger than ourselves… which we are lucky enough to pay forward to those less fortunate. But its important to follow through and like we say at #TEAM5, “In order to be involved, You must first show up”… Meaning don’t just talk about it, do something about it. Hit me with your thoughts, if you agree or disagree, this is not pointed at anyone directly, but just something that came up and I thought it would be a nice discussion… And be careful this weekend driving, there’s no reason to lose a part of this family over a senseless traffic accident because of speed or texting! #sof #medicine #integrity #values #humanitarian #medic #specialforces #dotherightthing #army #navy #marines #airforce #coastguard #thinblueline #badass #veteran @t5hammer669 @brojaq @drcenterurgentcare @drbiv @dakotameyer0317 @stevereichert03xx @brigit_and_laura @bwdaily @stretched2tall @sethbeiden @kevinsmithusa7 @kevinkrefting @xoverland @ccfd2003 @mikerowe @sutton4483 @allan_r_smith
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