The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation

Nonprofit Organization

The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation. Changing the world one rescued being at a time...

The Black Jaguar-White Tiger™ Foundation was inspired by a single unexpected act of Love, and a whole lot of trust and magic.

Eduardo Serio, a Mexican born businessman who was residing in Beverly Hills, went on a business trip to Monterrey, Mexico, in October of 2013. Without him knowing it, this trip would be a one-way ticket that would change the course of Eduardo's life forever…

While in Monterrey, he received a call from his cousin, an Animal expert with over 25 years of experience, sharing his frustration that a pet store was trying to buy a baby Black Jaguar with the purpose of drugging it and having it pose for photographs as a source of income.

Eduardo, couldn't believe this, jumped at the challenge, and rescued Cielo from a life of captivity leaving his whole life in L.A. behind. That single event of Love gave birth to what today is The Black Jaguar-White Tiger™ Foundation.

Currently, with the help of devoted friends and millions of loyal friends around the world, the Foundation has rescued and cares for over 320 (And counting) Big Felines including Lions, Tigers, Jaguars, Leopards, and smaller Felines like Lynxes, Pumas from a life of abuse in circuses, zoos and breeders, both legal and illegal ones. The Foundation has also rescued more than 200 other Animals (Dogs, Bears, Birds, Coyotes, Raccoons, Crocs) from all around Mexico.

The foundation has a project currently going on together with the Mexican Government (SEMARNAT & PROFEPA) to reproduce, reintroduce and repopulate endangered species of Felines and Birds, endemic to Mexico, into their natural habitat.


We are a Foundation that thinks outside the box, we will never breed our rescued Animals if we are not going to be able to re-introduce them into their natural habitat. So based on this idea, since they were born and currently live in captivity, we have found out that the more Animals living together in one group, the happier they are, regardless of the species. So we have Prides that go from three individuals up to sixteen, and certain groups have members of different species that Love and respect each other.

Remember, WE DO NOT BREED THEM, and even though different species living with each other would never occur in the wild, it is ok for us to do it in our Sanctuary because, as we mentioned before, they were born and currently live in captivity due to the human destruction all around the Planet.

We hope to inspire people to get along amongst them, because if a Leopard and a Lion can Love each other then it is possible for us humans to do the same.

How We Work?

Together with the Mexican Government (SEMARNAT & PROFEPA), we CARE AND GUARD for around 200 Animals confiscated by them in our Sanctuary. We also work hand by hand to continue rescuing more Animals in need.

Through contacts, the Foundation and the Mexican Government have successfully negotiated the surrender of around 150 Animals from circuses and breeders. We convince them by making them realize that a proper maintenance of an Animal is only costing them money since now circuses can not have Animals perform in their shows. Also, we are being contacted by people almost everyday that have purchased Big Felines and realize that THEY ARE NOT PETS, so they hand them over to us for their care.

Circus Rescues And The Law That Bans Animals Performing In Circuses

Thanks to organizations like Animal Heroes, thanks to all the political parties in Mexico, thanks to SEMARNAT & PROFEPA, and thanks to the millions of people in Mexico and around the world, on July 8, 2015, circuses were forbidden to have animals perform in their shows, and since The Black Jaguar-White Tiger™ Foundation is the first and still the only Sanctuary specialized in Big Felines in Mexico, that July and August, as you can imagine, were some very busy months for us, since we rescued more than 120 Big Felines from those circuses.