Marsalisi Law

Personal Injury Lawyer

Boutique law firm specializing in personalized representation of Motorcycle and Car Accident Injury victims. MARSALISI LAW is WHERE LAW GETS PERSONAL.

When I opened my law firm in 2014, I had a mandate to incorporate what I have learned from prior roles working for larger law firms—and improve on those experiences by addressing the main concerns that clients have had with those experiences. I have always prided myself in working closely and having excellent communication with my clients. Too often I have heard people voice the following concerns about larger law firms:

• They have never actually met their lawyer face to face.

• They cannot get their attorney to return calls or pick up the phone.

• They only speak to the lawyer’s legal assistants, paralegals or case managers when they reach out to their attorney.

• They are not kept up to date with their case.

My promise is that each and every one of my clients will meet with me, and only me, during their first client interview. I will not send an “investigator” or other non-lawyer employee to meet with you—because they are not equipped to offer legal advice. So, why waste your time when you can meet with a licensed attorney?

I call our first meeting an "interview" because we are making sure that we are a proper fit for one another. Personal injury law is a competitive marketplace and there are many options for you to choose from—and thus it is essential to ensure that your views and goals are aligned with those of your lawyer and that you have the utmost confidence and trust in them. I often tell clients that we are a team for the duration of the case, because we must work together to achieve the desired results.

I also pride myself on being accessible to clients. I will promptly return calls within 24 hours, although the majority of the time, I am on the phone within hours if not minutes following contact.

While having a great support staff is important for any company, my law firm is different in that all of the legal work is done by the lawyer, not a legal assistant, case manager or paralegal. At most firms, non-lawyers generate the bulk of the work while the lawyer maintains a supervisory role to sign off on documents. At the end of the day, when you are paying law firm fees, the lawyer should be the one working hard on your behalf.

At all times, my clients understand what is going on with their case. During the first client interview, I discuss the legal process and what their expectations should be. We review a chronological timeline of what to expect. In addition, I am prompt in providing clients with updates on their cases, whether good, bad or somewhere in between. Ultimately, the case is yours; therefore, you should have the most up-to-date information to make informed decisions.

When I meet new people I always say the same thing: Hopefully you will never need my services, but if you ever do, please know you will be in good hands. I believe we live in paradise in the Tampa Bay area, but there are still those occasions when paradise presents dangers. Too many people are injured because of the carelessness or negligence of others, especially on our roadways and highways. While I cannot prevent you for being exposed to or victimized by these dangers, I chose the shield as my logo because I am committed to protecting your rights and shielding you from the potential pitfalls that you may confront as you navigate through the legal system; potential dangers that only an experienced and dedicated attorney would know and understand.