Last Hope Inc

Nonprofit Organization

We are a volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of stray, orphaned, neglected and abandoned dogs and cats.

Cat & Dog Adoption, Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Assistance, Low-Cost Pet Vaccination Clinics, Fix-A-Feral Program

Last Hope, Inc - Main Facility (Both Dogs & Cats)
3300 Beltagh Ave (off Wantagh Ave)
Wantagh, NY

Our PetSmart location
- 350 Walt Whitman Rd., Huntington Station, NY

Our Petco locations
- 565 Jericho Take, Syosset, NY
- 1141 Wantagh Avenue, Wantagh (Willow Wood Shopping Center)

Our Petland Discount location
- Sunset Plaza - 1206 Deer Park Avenue, North Babylon, NY

2 months ago
SELENA Goes Home to New Haven... It's so Wonderful Last Hope has dedicated volunteers who will "go the distance" to delivery our pets to their " happily ever after" homes. Last Hope Kitten Stork Laura Van Vliet delivered SELENA & posts: "I had the pleasure of delivering SELENA, now GEMMA, to her forever home near New Haven, CT. She was a complete angel on the entire 2 hour trip...not a peep! Her momma, a former Long Islander who is now living near Yale to complete her residency for med school, found SELENA at Last Hope on one of her trips home to visit her parents. She was so attached to SELENA from the moment they met that she had her mom take videos of her visiting SRLENA twice before she was brought to Connecticut! It was SO important for SELENA to go to a home as soon as possible, because she was super stressed being in her cage. Her mom wanted to remind her that they'd met before, and that she'd be safe from now on, so she stretched out on the floor herself and let SELENA sniff her hand. It wasn't even a minute later that a low rumbling started to emerge from under the furniture...SELENA was purring so loudly, I could hear it from across the room! Mom has been sending me updates since Saturday night, and made the little video attached of SELENA enjoying some love in her forever home! Our adopter also wanted to let everyone know how much she appreciated all of the people that work together to make adoptions like SWLENA's a possibility. She sent me back with some goodies for our Last Hope cats and a thank you note for the volunteers. " SHARE #specialCTcatdelivery. #Adopted #VolunteersROCK #lasthopeny
2 months ago
3 months ago