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1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) Episodes - Season 1

1 Night 2 Days ( Korean : 1박 2일 ), first aired on August 5, 2007, is a South Korean reality-variety show shown on the KBS2 .The aim of the segment is to recommend holiday destinations to its viewers. Throughout the show, there are several mini-games played to see who will eat dinner (as opposed to a simple snack), who will do the chores or work that needs to be done, and who will sleep comfortably. As for 1N2D "Season 1", it is my own term for 1N2D with Lee Seunggi :x lovestruck as one of the members.

Season 1's members beside Lee Seunggi :x lovestruck....consists of Top MC Kang Hodong, Singer/Rapper MC Mong, Comedian Lee Sugeun, Singer Eun Jiwon, Singer Kim C, Singer Kim Jongmin, Actor Uhm Taewoong. In 2008, the members are accompanied by a dog nicknamed "Sang Geun". His real name is Herbie but was nicknamed "Sang Geun" by Ji Sang Ryul. Sang Geun is a Great Pyrenees whose popularity grew hugely in the first half of 2008 partly due to the show.

Each member has a nickname which represents their character or appearance. Kang Ho Dong is usually called "pig" (돼지) or "bear" (곰) because of his size. And "Janggiyeppff" (장기예프), because his scrawl. MC Mong is called "wild monkey" (야생 원숭이), because of his appearance and actions. Eun Ji Won is named "elementary kid Eun" (은초딩) or "kid" (아이) because of his childish behavior or way of thinking on the show. Lee Su Geun is named "worker" (일꾼) because he is so good at doing work like building, cooking, chopping up wood for the fire, etc. Kim C has sometimes been known as being an "expert" (달인) at something and also as the "big brother" (큰형) because of his care for the younger cast members on the show. Lee Seung Gi's nickname is "Huh Dang" (허당) which means a person who is just a little bit odd in his or her way of thinking or someone who doesn't quite understand something the first time something is said.

Bok-bul-bok Game

"Bok Bul Bok Game" (복불복), which can be translated to "blessing-curse-blessing" or "luck or not", is the method used to determine which members will be sleeping outside as well as to decide which members will be getting food. The decision is based on the results of games such as "Kung Kung Ta" (쿵쿵따), a game where a person says a word that does not exist and the next person has to make a new word that doesn't exist with the ending letter or simple games like juggling soccer balls. The first three members who lose the game are given a punishment, such as drinking salt water or soy sauce or eating other strange foods If they can pass their punishment, they are able to escape sleeping outside or receive food and prizes automatically, however this rarely happens. Kim C and the rest of the cast once said, "The Bok Bul Bok system is completely unfair and crazy." ("복불복 시스템은 완전 공정하지 않으며 미친 것이다") Also, MC Mong once left a quote stating in their trip to Jeju do, "Bok Bul Bok Forever! As long as it's not me!" ("복불복이여 영원하라, 나만 아니면 돼!") Bok-bul-bok represents an important significance of the show.

Bok-bul-bok marathon

Every summer the show will conduct a Bok-bul-bok marathon. At certain points in the race, Bok-bul-bok games are placed where the runners chooses an item which can either benefit them or make them suffer. These could be fish sauce, hot or cold coffee, water, salt-water or other various items. Two of the members are omitted from the race and rides on a truck to be commentators. Their first marathon winner was Lee Seung Gi. Their second annual marathon winner was Kim C who ran the race in a full-length parka.

Autumn reading competition

Every autumn the show will conduct a reading competition. The cast will have an hour to study before the competition starts. Members who lost the competition was chosen to sleep outdoors.
Challenging the production team

On the episode aired May 31, 2009, the cast challenged the production team, where if the cast wins they get to have dinner and sleep inside while the production team will sleep outdoors. However, after playing three games of Bok-bul-bok, including a game of table tennis, badminton, and soccer, the cast lost and the production team got to eat their dinner. On the episode aired September 27, 2009, the production team were once challenged again by the crew. If the production team lost, all 80 staff members including the casts' managers and coordinators were to sleep outside. With some luck, the cast defeated the production team in winning two of the three Bok-bul-bok games. The games they played on their second challenge were a 3-point table tennis match, 3-point soccer game, and jump roping. As aired on the same episode, the production team and cast agreed to have their next challenge during their first snow.

Indoor, outdoor and "out-outdoor" sleeping

This concept first appeared on their trip to Andong, North Gyeongsang when the cast were split up into YB and OB teams to determine their sleeping locations through a game of Bok-bul-bok. The OB team had won the game through a relay of Jegichagi (제기차기), but the YB team had insisted the production team to give them another chance. The same game was played, but each member represented and played for themselves. With the YB team already sleeping outside, the members who took the challenge competed to sleep indoors. However if they lose the game, they were to sleep "out-outdoors" (sleeping in a sleeping bag without a tent). Lee Seung Gi, MC Mong and Kim Jong Min attempted the challenge but failed and were chosen to sleep "out-outdoors".

Wake-up song

A wake-up song is usually selected to be played in the morning to wake the members up and start their morning mission. The trot song, "Please Endure" or "Baemida" ("It's a Snake") which is sung by Kim Hye Yeon was 1 Night 2 Days first wake-up song. On the February 24, 2008 episode, a song titled "Wake-Up" was used. Since March 23, 2008, the show's wake-up song is a combination of the members' songs mixing various voices into the melody. For example, MC Mong's hit single, "Circus", could be heard, or the classic favorite "Words I Couldn't Say" ("하지못한말") by Lee Seung Gi was mixed with Kang Ho Dong's "Seung-Gi yah" shout.

Wake-up mission

A wake-up mission is usually conducted every morning of their trip to determine the three members who will get to eat breakfast. Members are usually woken up by the snake song, songs of the members, or remixes of songs with the members voices shouting their names. Their wake-up mission for the episode aired November 16, 2009 (the "3rd Severe Winter Camp Training" trip) was canceled due to a blizzard.

Severe summer and winter camp training

During each season, a "severe" summer and winter camp training trip is held where members had to endure critical conditions—such as building their own tents and making their own food (without utensils), driving in an open-top convertible in the winter or driving with all the windows rolled-up and no air conditioner in a van in the summer. The Severe Winter Camp Training has been held 3 times and the Severe Summer Camp Training has been held twice.

Freestyle trips

The show will have "freestyle" trips where a captain is selected to be in charge and decide on the location of the trip. The captain who is chosen for freestyle trips usually feels burdensome as it was their responsibility to make the trip fun and have enough filming footage. The first freestyle trip captain was Eun Ji Won. The trip was filmed after Lee Su Geun's wedding. Eun Ji Won decided to have their at the Nanji Camping location, situated near the Han River in Seoul. Even though, the ride should have taken only 5 minutes to get there, it took them over an hour to reach the Nanji Camping Centre. The second freestyle trip was conducted by MC Mong, who later passed the responsibility to Lee Seung Gi because it was too burdensome. Lee Su Geun was selected to be the captain for the third freestyle trip when their flights to Jeju do were canceled due to bad weather.