Bad Parenting Moments


Celebrating the honesty of good parents who, on occasion (or constantly), have Bad Parenting Moments.

Welcome to the dark side...of parenting. BPM is for support, laughs and to ward off insanity, because, hey, we've ALL been there! BPM Recruits, please raise your right hand and place your left hand securely on the collar of your closest screaming child. Repeat after me: I, (state your name), have joined Bad Parenting Moments to share my embarrassing, scary and downright awful parenting moments with my sisters and brothers in parenting. This is NOT, I repeat, NOT a place of judgment. I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the ugly truth. I swear that I have a sense of humor. If I am found by a court of my peers to be a judgmental meanie, I understand that I forfeit my invitation to participate in this unlikely and highly hysterical support group.

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