Crossfit 630

Gym/Physical Fitness Center

CrossFit 630 is a CrossFit personal training gym located near Downtown Naperville, IL.

We are proud to bring CrossFit to the heart of Naperville,IL.

Our program is designed to develop strength, conditioning, overall fitness, and challenge everyone from the elite athlete to the person just wanting to get back in shape. We offer an hour long class format that will push you both physically and mentally.
If you're interested in strength, endurance, sports specific training, weight loss or just overall health, come and see what CrossFit 630 is all about.
Every class is run by at least one CrossFit Level 1 certified trainer. You will get the benefits of great coaching every time you come to the gym. Coaches are there to teach and observe movement. Proper technique leads to the best gains and safety.

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CrossFit 630
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