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Carmen Soliman, (Carmen Essam Soliman)(October 07, 1994), is an Egyptian singer.
Although Carmen Soliman was born in a conservative family, they supported her choice to pursue her dream and become a famous singer.
They let her enter multiple talent show cases and programs such as
Modern Star and Arab Idol. She has been awarded from the Supreme Council of Culture in Egypt for the best voice under the age of
sixteen. She is also the Arab Idol first season title winner.
Her fame has been in the uprise since her participation in Arab Idol on MBC 1 when she arrived to the final stage and competing for the title against the Moroccan singer Donia Batma. She opened up for and presented Hani Shaker in his concert at the Opera House where he
expressed his admiration for her voice and her ability to deliver her emotions to the audience through her voice. When Arab Idol’s judges
heard her voice on the second day of the first stage of the auditions they were blown away. Ragheb Alama said he believes that Carmen Soliman will have a definite spot in the final stages of the show although she was only 17.
Carmen Soliman got the higher number of votes and was awarded the first Arab Idol title on Saturday, March 24th, 2014. A management contract and production of her albums came along becoming the first Arab idol. She also got a contract to become part of Pepsi Cola’s and Chevrolet’s advertisement campaigns in the
middle east. Her first video clip exceeded 2 million views in a little over a month.

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