Smokin Street Slayers

Industrial Company

Smokin Street Slayers are high performance longboards handcrafted by Smokin Snowboards Lake Tahoe, USA!

2012 was one of the driest snow seasons in recorded history. Necessity being the mother of invention and idle hands being the devil’s playground we just couldn’t resist the urge to hop into the deep end of the four wheeled shred stick market. We have been manufacturing Smokin’ Snowboards for 19 years in our beautiful home Lake Tahoe, a place known for it’s amazing mountains and seemingly endless supply of ski resorts and world class mountain runs. As luck would have it our good friend gravity works equally well on pavement as it does snow when it comes to blasting down mountain roads on a skateboard.

Everyone at Smokin’ Snowboards skates. As a snowboarder, skateboarding is as close to snowboarding as you can get. One day it came to us, as a snowboard manufacturer we have the best resources, materials, and manufacturing capabilities anyone could ask for. Why not use the same space, materials, people and designers to make a “snowboard emulation device” we could ride throughout the off season thus feeding the addiction during the warm months. With the encouragement and support of our retailers and sales reps we decided to give skateboarding a shot in the ass. We, the designers, put the proverbial pen to paper, feverishly researching ways to re-invent long board design in the image of our snowboards. The resulting line of Smokin’ Street Slayers is evidence of our accomplishments. We are not interested in conventional long board design as we are not conventional long boarders. We designed a line of boards WE would want to ride, boards that are made in the image and feel of the award winning Snowboards we so proudly hand make. With a factory full of the highest quality raw composite materials and our own milled lumber to incorporate into the design process, things got creative and original real fast. We made the decision to not only emulate the feel and ride of our snowboards in the design but also in the construction and materials. We used the same wood, rubberized epoxy, fiberglass, UHMW tips and tails, and even top sheet materials from our snowboards in the skateboards. We found ways to incorporate hybrid snowboard rocker principals into the skateboard profiles and shapes and then added our own mad scientist “what if” mentality to other original design details and manufacturing hurdles creating original solutions and designs like our Double Vert Lam Cores, made from twin Aspen snowboard cores laminated between traditional veneers of Canadian hard rock maple. After a year of research and development we are proud to introduce, on the following pages, our line of Smokin’ Street Slayers. Our Blackwood twin progressive free ride board made for the new school rider with its never before seen Rampage gas pedals. The Sledghammer, a paradox of original design details like its combination of a ten degree drop deck top mount truck in the front with a wedged drop through truck mount in the rear. The Coughin’, a seemingly tame board design until you take a look at its Dirt Rocker profile or Hater Blocker tip and tail protectors. Do not miss our new to the lineup B.F.F sporting a semi traditional shape packed with premium composite materials to take you from concrete bowl to hill bomb without sacrificing snap, longevity, or the versatility of a board with nose and tail kicks. Like a proud father watching his son score his first goal we send out to the world our brainchild, Smokin’ Street Slayers, creating a whole new kind of skateboard. Same Stoke, Different Deck.