Tickled Ivories

Music Lessons & Instruction School

Tickled Ivories is a piano discovery program for children ages three and up, taught on-site at premier schools and after school programs.

Tickled Ivories is all about learning to play through play. At Tickled Ivories, "coloring outside the lines" is the norm. We believe that the process of learning to play the piano is not necessarily achieved through one, single method. So, we incorporate the best and let the children guide the process. Sometimes, it's silly. Sometimes it's messy. Sometimes, it's way outside the box. But rest assured, it's always fun!

Tickled Ivories teaches primarily in the small, peer group format with a maximum of three students per class. Research shows that most
children learn best in small groups. Interaction between students provides a less stressful and often more motivating learning environment.

Tickled Ivories has been accompanying children on our fun, piano learning adventure for over 20 years! Our introductory piano learning program is conveniently taught on-site in premier schools and after school programs. Children receive lessons while at school saving parents valuable time.

Students may enroll at any time and while an at-home instrument is certainly an advantage, no instrument at home is required to begin lessons.