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Welcome to my shiz show! Some days we thrive and others we survive. Group Fitness Instructor * Health & Wealth Mentor * Personal Trainer * Mom * Wife

Health&Fitness for the Hot Mess is for all the parents (and fur-parents) out there who know how to laugh at the everyday struggles. We are ALL doing our best and it is nice to know you are not alone. I will also be sharing my health and fitness journey in hopes of motivating others. If we are not 100%, then we are no good to our families.

My name is Danielle Petros (aka Dani Pants to my friends). I am an ex-girlfriend of Jose Cuervo. Surprisingly, I wasn't arrested (much) in my 20's. I was an insurance claim rep for 11 years, bartender, turned fundraiser, now a police wife, throw in NICU mom, currently a stay-at-home mom to my daughter, Sami (3) and son, Andrew (2).

I started my health and fitness journey in January of 2016. I was SUPER depressed. Having 2 kids under 2 was draining me. SOMETHING had to change. I was always putting myself last and it was not working. My best friend was also dying of cancer.

Enter my friend who became my coach. Now I have been dodging these "coaches" on Facebook for a few years. But this was different. She has a daughter not much younger than my son. We talk a lot. I finally ordered a starter kit and I never looked back. Getting healthy literally changed my life in all aspects for the better.

I love what I'm doing SO MUCH, that I am now a certified group fitness instructor. I NEVER thought this is what I would be doing or that I would love it so much.

This journey continues because now I can pay it forward. I hope you find this page helpful. Please message me anytime! I look forward to chatting with you.

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