Foot Fetish Tickle Fetish Party



FTFPNYC is the premier fetish party on earth! We offer the ultimate fetish experience including: foot fetish, tickle fetish, leg fetish, stocking fetish, submission/domination, and more!!

We offer the premier models in the world: Playboy models, Penthouse models, Maxim models, high-end modeling agency models, swimwear models, lingerie models, calendar girls, fetish video stars, porn stars, renowned strippers, actresses, nurses, teachers, secretaries, waitresses, Hooters girls, students, regular girls next door, and more! Our scrumptious girls come from every walk of life, in every size, height, weight, color, race, ethnicity, age, body-type, etc…The ultimate array of females to choose from, and play with!

All of our girls are not only astonishingly HOT, but also are assured to be super FRIENDLY! Our young babes happily want to make you happy!

Allow yourself to imagine interacting with gorgeous girls; dominate or get dominated; enjoy their delicious feet; yummy legs; be treated with a friendly or mean attitude, (whichever you choose!); being trampled; tickling or being tickled; go bananas if you are in to stockings, pantyhose, fishnets, socks, high heels, or other type of shoes; toe-nail polish; outfits; smelling stinky feet; licking dirty feet; spanking or being spanked;light BDSM; role-play; etc…Our accommodating girls will take care of you!!! Hey: you can even have your desired treats, (food and such), from our models feet!

You may explore and indulge in all your FOOT FETISHES: Foot worship, bare feet, stockings, socks, foot smelling, dirty feet, smelly feet, big feet, small feet, trampling, foot-spanking, and foot-tickling.

We also cater to the TICKLE FETISH community! We offer dazzling nubile fit super-ticklish girls! Ready to be ticked wildly by Y-O-U!

We accommodate pretty much any fetish as long as it’s done in a clean and legal fashion. Clean, fun, and legal! BOOM!

Your comfort and satisfaction is our number one goal. You are always treated with toe-tal respect. Anonymity always assured.

The great thing is that you can interact with real girls, of every type, in real-time, and get to learn more how real girls feel about men with a foot fetish, a tickle fetish, or any other fetish! It will give you more confidence in life! If you are shy we are perfect place to bust out! YES!

Our party is held in the best location of any party on earth: Comfortable, warm, and spacious! AND it has a full bar!!

The entry fee to our world-class foot fetish and tickle fetish party is the most reasonable of all, though we are by far factually the best or all! Only $50 bucks!! It’s unbelievable but true!! WOW!!!

Make your foot fetish, tickle fetish, and all other fetish fantasies become reality and dreams come true!

RSVP Mandatory to attend; email us at: [email protected]

(Once you RSVP you will be notified of the location)


*Please Note:

-There is absolutely NO nudity, sex, genital contact, private area touching, or anything illegal activity permitted whatsoever, ever!
-All attendees must be of legal age. (All female models are of legal age with legal ID’s checked).
-No drugs or weapons.

-We do not allow anyone into our private event, whether a model, or a client, who is affiliated or associated in any way with any law enforcement of any type whatsoever, or associated in any way any media, whether TV, radio, Internet, cable, magazine, newspaper, or any other public media.


-There are no refunds at any time.

-This is a private event. And as such we reserve the right to deny entrance to anyone at any time, or, to ask anyone at any time to leave, fully at our full discretion.

FTFPNYC: Foot Tickle Fetish Party NYC