Alphonse Island

Beach Resort

Found in the very heart of the Indian Ocean, lies Alphonse Island; a remote destination of incredible natural beauty featuring a single resort comprising of Beach Bungalows and Suites built alongside the water’s edge.

Found in the heart of the Indian Ocean, south west of Mahe Seychelles, lies Alphonse Island: a magnificent isle comprising of three atolls – Alphonse, St. Francois and Bijoutier. This atoll group is pristine and untouched, with miles of unblemished shorelines, lagoons and sea flats.
Situated on Alphonse Island is a single exclusive resort, designed for guests who want to experience an unspoiled Eden.
Experience an atmosphere of undisturbed solitude that encourages you to forget about the outside world and immerse yourself in all the natural wonders and unique enjoyments that the island offers. Escape for an action-packed holiday, romantic sojourn, or an idyllic beach break – as exhilarating or relaxing as you decide to make it.
Snorkel the pristine waters of the Alphonse Atoll where you’ll cross paths with sea turtles, colourful reef fish and manta rays, scuba-dive in one of the best diving spots in the world, cycle through the island’s terrestrial paradise, indulge in some of the freshest seafood while dining alongside the crystal-clear waters of our shores, relax in luxury bungalows and beach suites and ultimately escape to a world of pure tranquillity.