Up In Smoke BBQ


Up in Smoke BBQ delivers a unique and authentic catering service to your own private backyard.

My great passion is cooking by fire. Hot coals, oaky smoke, and culinary succulencies. Romance it is.

Up in Smoke BBQ delivers my love for BBQing to your own backyard. I offer a unqiue and authentic catering service. I take an enormous amount of pride in the quality of my produce, preparatory marinades, equipment, and final flavour. Bringing these elements together is the theatre of my cooking. I casually exhibit and narrate the story of everything I cook to your guests. My services are inspired by my Greek heritage, and influenced by my partner’s Uruguayan roots.

Make sure to get in touch early to seriously spice up your next birthday party, summer get-together, or easter eat-athon. Rest assured your event will go up in smoke - Anthony Beran style!

Statement of Capacity:

We can provide all cooking, eating, and cleaning equipment for up to 100 people, as well as vibrant salads and sides home-made by my mother and assistant chef, Chris. Up In Smoke BBQ is also a fully insured catering service (policy number: SMD012580844), and is a registered business (ABN: 65282145020).